2018: Black Or White-Hat SEO In Vietnam?

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  • December 03, 2018

“It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, what matter is which one can catch the fish” – quoted from an old saying.

We all might have had experienced the SEO fluctuation and its crisis back in 2015, would appreciate the memorable year 2017 in your SEO career. In the article “Year 2018 – don’t forget the 6 important factors while doing SEO” I have already mentioned it once, and I would like to mention it again for anyone who “are still waiting” for a wake up call in maintaining your website performance at its peak along with their best sets of keywords.

However, right after that post has been published, I have received number of feedback from my old colleagues, SEO friends’ circle that they would really much want to quit what they are doing. They’d rather open a small shop and do their own SEO for their business than do SEO for somebody else, as the SEO career is getting harder for them to earn the income they were used to have.

A lot of my friends still be confusing of choosing the way to SEO

That was such sad news, wasn’t it? Randomly, I asked: “Doing SEO is a tricky thing. Either you follow black or while hat practice, you will still be doing fine in this field. The problem is you guys have “educated” your customers the black hat practices for so long that it’s incredibly hard for them to adapt with the white hat practice.”

The rooted problem is WHY such happens? Today, Laevis Nguyen will walk you through those two practices and it’s up to you to choose which practices will benefit you the best and help you with your SEO career in the long run.

The Search Engine Loopholes

The search engines always want websites owners to have valuable assets. That’s the reason why they keep coming up with the most complex and efficient algorithm daily to “make sure” all the website owners are doing the “right” thing. According to various sources, Google updates at least 30 to 50 small to big changes in algorithm each month. What are all that for?

Those updates are to prevent spamming, and yes, to against “black-hat practices” are out of the picture. Google doesn’t fix on an algorithm, that would put website developers in an passive mode, make them stop thriving for the better and follow what have been working for them in the past. With these frequent updates, the developers have to pay attention to their website quality from UI-UX to Website Navigation, as well as their website content to meet their end users’s needs.

However, there is an attribute that affects SERP directly that was not officially admitted by search engines, it does hold an important factor in your SEO points. That is number of links in Page Rank. This algorithm is still being update to avoid developers creates multiple websites to get the quantity over quality. Though it seems to be quite difficult to detect, it remains an ongoing loopholes for the search engines.

How To Take Advantage Of The Loophole?

To be honest, I don’t do black hat practices, hence sharing on this aspect getting me goosebumps. It wasn’t an easy practice either. If you do the spamming numerous links intentionally to trick Page Rank, you have to watch out for your competitors, they can apply a few tricks and your website will soon be “blacklist” on all the search engines. That’s my warning!

As the matter of fact, black hat practices has always been favored for the quick fix before the bigger issue comes: how long your website with your desired keywords will remain on top? For sure, it’s not long!

With a fairly good onpage website and a few tricks, we can push the desired keywords to top 1 – 3 for around 2 months time and then boom, it’s drown at the bottom. In Vietnam, the real estate sales, insurances industry, etc. usually apply this practice to stay on top at a short period of time, and accept that that would be the end cycle of their website. However, in the western world, there are many affiliate sales funnels that would also apply the black hat SEO practices to bring HUGE amounts of commission in a few months. Meanwhile, they would build other websites that would not relate to the previous website that soon will be fined harshly by search engine, to continue to earn sales in the new few months after their 1st cycle website ended.

If you are doing business, your website would need its privileged and trust from customers, they would never apply black hat practices to those sites. No customers would ready to pay a huge lump sum on a website they found through a search result. For that, you would need to follow white hat SEO practice to build your branding.

SEO Black Hat Or Not?

If you know how to increase your Page Rank situation by using a few tricks, that’s definitely your competitive advantage. As the SEO industry is changing, you can surely be a SEO pro in the past, you might probably be left behind unless you update yourself on Content Marketing, Website Navigtaion, UI&UX. In Vietnam, Affiliate sales aren’t popular, the black hat practices do have a small share in the market.

Black & White, which hat does your firm wear?

You aren’t doing black hat SEO, just an ordinary Marketing lover? Congrats, SEO simply means to meet what the end-uses need and balance out advertising costs in a effective way. Meaning if you can write, you score yourself your best bet. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself applying tricks – Black hat practices through researches and friends who are working in the SEO industry for sometimes. These will make you thrive better than your competitors who doesn’t know them. Once you know thoroughly about marketing, content as well as technical side of a website, you will be able to optimize your page to rank better on SERP.

Black or white is just a practice and depending on your project. In Vietnam, there isn’t a thing for rolling projects to apply black hat practices, most prefer using white hat instead, but I believe in the near future, black hat practice will be fairly popular.

Huge Obstacle For Both Black & White Hat SEO Practices

It’s the market’s knowledge. Whether you want to do Black or White hat SEO Practices, you will meet up with the amateurs who learn a few course of basic SEOs but would like to charge you a big figure as if they are the pro in the field. They also want a quick result like doing black hat SEO practices but wants the same amount of works for white hat SEO practices like: quality content, lower bounce rate, etc. and will pay according to each set of keywords. That urges me so much that I would like to advise you before you start any project, take time and “educate” your customers. That’s the most important factor that I cannot stress enough, and please never ever sell yourself low. If we want Vietnam to go Global, we have to change, to be different. I’m ready, are you?